05/03/2024 -

Department of mechanical engineering and mechanical constructions in Strojrem

At the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Structures in Strojrem, we specialize in the design of various transport systems. A career in mechanical engineering offers numerous benefits, including: 1. Innovation and problem solving: Our engineers are leaders in the creation of complex systems and structures, facing unique challenges. Applying innovative solutions and watching how the design comes to life is extremely satisfying. 2. Variety of projects: We work on advanced production equipment projects, providing a wide range of experience and knowledge. 3. Demand and job security: The demand for qualified mechanical structural engineers is constantly high. In light of the lack of specialists, we offer stability and competitive salaries to our employees. 4. Hands-on experience with modern technology: Young engineers get the opportunity to work with the latest technology and tools, gaining practical knowledge and experience. Positive social impact: Our engineers contribute to society by creating products and systems that improve people’s lives, providing added value to work. In our team, we value innovation, dedication and passion for engineering. If you are interested in entering the dynamic world of mechanical engineering and have experience that could contribute to our team, we invite you to contact us and share your experiences.

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