STROJREM d.o.o. is a privately owned company founded in 1991 in Križevci. The main activity is the design, production and delivery of systems for the transport and handling of materials.

We have 2300 m2 of production and office space, located in two locations:
1. Headquarters: Gundulićeva 118, Križevci – conveyor belts workshop
2. Production plant: Prikraj Križevački 104, Križevci – management, sales, construction, production and assembly of equipment.

SIAPRO GROUP In 2022, the owners of Strojrem agreed on a strategic cooperation with the company Siapro from Slovenia, namely the company Siapro bought 76 percent of the shares of Strojrem, and the remaining 24 percent remained in ownership as before. Siapro is an internationally known company in the field of engineering and production of shotblasting machines, foundry equipment and small hydropower plants. With this acquisition, Strojrem became part of the Siapro group.

Strojrem d.o.o. is certified for quality standards ISO 9001:2015 (quality management certification), ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management certification), ISO 45001:2018 (health and safety management certification) for the production of metal structures and their parts. Download the certificates here: ISO Cerificates 2023_Strojrem_cro

Prospectuses for download

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4 A4 PDF Mobile transporters Strojrem 2023_distribution.pdf


Establishment of the company

2300 m2

production and office space




share of exports


Belt conveyors
Conveyors with rubber belt
Conveyors with flexowell belt (ribbed belt)
Load handling with robots
Bucket elevators
Screw conveyors
Chain conveyors
Chain conveyors with rubber belt
Plate conveyors
Vibrating (vibrating) conveyors
Roller conveyors
Pneumatic conveyors
Mobile conveyors
Cellular dispensers…


satisfied user

About 50 employed engineers, professional workers and repairmen make up our team, which is ready to meet the challenges that customers' demands put before us. Willingness to accept new technologies, understanding of user needs and dedication to work bring the best solutions related to the transport and manipulation of raw materials, semi-finished products and products in production and logistics processes. Equipped facility and commitment to production in all its details allows us to produce high quality products. With professional equipment installation and systematic care through service activities, we ensure long-term and reliable operation of the equipment. All our activities are directed towards a satisfied user.