In the thirty years, many clients have placed their trust in us and we have acquired numerous references. Strojrem conveyors are found in all areas of work and industry. 

Our solutions for transportation, storage and dosing of materials, shredding and separation of materials, loading and transshipment of materials can be used in the following industries:

  • recycling and waste industry
  • agriculture
  • grain industry
  • food industry
  • wood chips and biomass
    alternative fuels
  • production of cement, gypsum and lime
  • foundries
  • metallurgy and mining
  • ports and terminals
  • solutions for construction
    transport systems in cement plants
  • factories with large series production.

The size, weight and granulation of the material as well as the required transport speed affect the selection of the appropriate conveyor, as well as the type of material (grain, sand, pellets, granules…or pieces, larger finished products and semi-finished products, etc.)

Conveyor belts are used in all types of industry. They ensure rational transportation of large quantities of bulk and bulky cargo over long and short distances. Chain conveyors, for example, more in the segment of the food and metal industry.

Screw conveyors are used in the transport of loose and bulk materials in all types of industry. Due to their relatively small size, screw conveyors do not require much space, they can be mounted on the ceiling, floor or wall, so they are environmentally efficient where space is a problem.

Transport rollers are used for transporting piece goods and palletized goods in factories. For example, elevators are used for vertical transport.

In the recycling and waste industry, for example, conveyors should be adapted to an aggressive environment and corrosion, they are made of stainless steel. At the same time, they must meet the highest safety requirements.

Overall our transportation solutions are easy to use and flexible, yet robust and cost effective.